Lets keep it simple...
With Atelier you will develop, manufacture and launch your dream products.

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We are the private manufacturing network for the

world's best beauty, health and wellness brands.

We can’t tell you who these brands are but we can tell you where they sit:

What will you make?

First we develop

The best expert partners, in one network, for one purpose.

To help you develop a bespoke range of beauty and wellness products fit for your community.
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Next we Manufacture
Once your products are developed, Atelier’s manufacturers will produce your products, at-scale.

Finished Units delivered to your destination.
Start making, today

Now we grow

Atelier gives you the freedom to scale.

It’s simple to add new products, expand into new categories and grow your range into a world-leading brand.
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Transparent Timelines

We understand the old way feels risky. We minimise the risk by offering you upfront timelines.

Plan your launches, marketing and new product development.

Product IP Is Yours

We understand IP is important to you. We also understand most manufacturers won’t give it up. We’ve already negotiated with your future manufacturers.

The IP that you develop with Atelier is yours.

Pricing Upfront

Don’t fight with contract manufacturers for scraps of info like pricing. With Atelier you get pricing upfront so you can understand and plan for the future.

No hidden costs, no tax or duty surprises. Just transparent pricing.

Complete Customisation

We don’t white label. Every formulation, every piece of packaging is a bespoke item developed by Atelier but guided by your creative vision.

On-brand, fit-for-community, every time.